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You won’t meet in a smoke-filled room that your friend mistakenly advertised as a party and your eyes won’t lock for 1 2 3 seconds when he walks in and loudly announces that he needs a lighter, who can help him out? You won’t reach into your jacket pocket and dive through 4 5 6 conversations to make sure you’re the one who lights the flame; to be certain you’re the one who saves the day. You won’t ask where he’s from (Poughkeepsie) or what he’s smoking (Marlboro Lights) or what his middle name is (James). You won’t watch the smoke-filled room empty until just you and he remain and you won’t hide your enthusiasm when he asks if you’d like to continue the evening elsewhere. You won’t find yourselves neatly folding into one another at 3 AM, leaving half of the queen mattress vacant as his knees find a…

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