24 Things You Need To Stop Putting Off

Thought Catalog

1. Cleaning out your closet, which currently has about a dozen clothing items you never wear and several shoes which are clearly abused beyond any kind of repair.

2. Taking your laundry out of the dryer. (Come on, it’s been in there for three episodes of Mad Men.)

3. Calling your grandparents and asking them how they are and what they’ve been up to these days — if they don’t pass out from shock at the effort you’re displaying by calling them in the first place.

4. Apologizing to someone you know you owe an apology to.

5. Responding to that Facebook message you got from that person you don’t really like that much but don’t have the heart to delete because it would make you look like an ass for no reason.

6. Renewing/updating your driver’s license.

7. Updating your blog, as you’ve basically just been filling it…

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