A Guide To Dating Someone Who Hates Themselves

Thought Catalog

1. Compliments will likely not solve things. Give them out, but be absolutely honest. Don’t look at them fresh from doing yard work and tell them they’re gorgeous. What usually comes with a low self-image is an increased intelligence and an increased skepticism of politeness or flattery, and you will be called on your bullshit. If you do find them at their most beautiful covered in dirt and dead aphids, tell them in the clearest terms possible. Platitudes and synonyms for “pretty” will not do. Have details and evidence. Show that you’re being more than nice to set them in a good mood.

2. Bring out your own issues. Criticizing yourself on the same small details which drag down their mentality can create a kinship that can be helpful to both partners. Listen carefully when they are stressed about their own behavior, their appearance, the security of their financial situation…

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