10 Things That Will Change How You Handle Your Quarter Life Crisis

Thought Catalog

1. At one point or another, we’re all treading water. We’d rather exhaust ourselves to death than sink. But what’s funny about that fear is that after you sink, you naturally float to the surface again. And that’s what happens with the things that we are most affected by, the things that haunt us for the longest time.

2. There is not as much mystery in life as we like to think. We often predict things long before they happen, and pieces of who we will become are always showing themselves to us. Feeling lost is only a matter of not looking around. We’re never too far gone, no matter how much it may seem that way.

3. Pain does not last very long at all– no matter how profound an event is in your life. It is the implications that we assume the event will create that affect us…

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