10 Bizarre Wikipedia Pages That Will Make You Quit The Internet Today

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I should not use Wikipedia while drinking.

We all know that drunken Wikipedia always starts innocently enough, with an innocuous question like Did the ‘89 Mets make the playoffs? (no) or What’s the freaking deal with woodpeckers, anyway? (they’re just dicks). Unfortunately, what should be a quick search for a little bit of informationrapidly descends into an unabated journey through a series of increasingly interesting, unreliable, and obscure Wikipedia pages.

You get sucked in.


Eventually, what started off with you checking if one of the brothers in The Jackson 5 was named Frank has turned into three hours of researching dinosaurs and leper colonies. In other words, you have entered what I like to think of as a Wikipedia Black Hole.

The other night, what began as a slightly intoxicated perusal of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Wikipedia page wound up robbing me of an entire night. Unsurprisingly, the more I…

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