FAQs For Figuring Yourself Out In Your 20s

Thought Catalog

Read FAQs Re: Friendship In Your 20s here.

Q: Will I ever figure myself out?

A: “Figuring yourself out” is a cliche notion that you probably haven’t thought very hard about. Think for a second and try to define what “figuring yourself out” would look like. Does it look like enlightenment? Does it look like endless unmitigated joy? Does it look like no mistakes, no anger, no discontent, no conflict? These are not realistic scenarios. What realization could you possibly have that will solve the riddle of your confusion? What golden nugget of wisdom could you possibly construct that will consolidate your emotions into manageable sources of information? What could you possibly do so that you will have a handle on everything, so that you will know everything? It’s tempting to believe that there is an answer, a key to the whole disorganized mess of how you view your…

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