So, You’ve Gone Crazy

Thought Catalog

Hi. I don’t know you. But people are talking about you so much, that I feel like I know you, especially after hearing the specific details they are sharing. It sounds like you’re going through some really hard times emotionally, as well as really public conflict with other people. That blows. Seriously. I’ve been there, and there is nothing more gut-wrenching than hearing that people hate you as much as you hate yourself. In a way, maybe this is what you were after – some outside force to confirm for you what you already believe; that there is nothing about your life that is salvageable. There is no part of you worth loving. Bridge-burning and self-destruction are all you’ve ever known, and it does seem easier to just go along with this plan-of-attack. At least if people can’t love you, you can control them by other means. Lying, picking fights…

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